BioPure Skin Oxygen Therapy

Biopure Skin Oxygen Therapy.

This is one of our most popular facials here at The Beauty Parlour!

Unfortunately for our skin, urban air is low in oxygen, and instead harmful pollution and toxins take it’s place which has it’s unwanted effects on our skin.

Our skin becomes tired, dull, stressed, problematic and loses its energy potential through sheer lack of oxygen.

This has become even more evident during the current circumstances of mask-wearing, so don’t forget your skin needs to breathe.

If this sounds familiar, a Bio Pure facial could be the one for you!

All we ask of you is to relax and unwind for an hour and fifteen minutes, whilst we eliminate those signs of environmental stress!

•super oxygenating
•strong energizing power
•glowing complexion
•anti-pollution shield

Take care of your skin parlourettes, it will represent you for a very long time!

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